Win a Holiday

How to Win a Holiday                  Enter Holiday Competitions

Not rocket science guys!  Here’s how.

  • You have to be in to win it.  Even free holidays aren’t really free.  To stand a realistic chance of winning you have have to enter each and every competition you can find and here’s where google is your friend,  Use to locate and enter every holiday competition you can.
  • Numbers are the name of the game.  I used to think I had to enter about a hundred competition to win one prize.  That’s on average and of course the bigger the prize, like a car or a holiday,  the more you have to enter to win.  A free weekend break is going to be better odds than a luxury 2 week trip.
  • Look for the more obscure companies.  They are less likely to attract so many entrants.
  • If there is a caption you have to write or you have to say WHY you want to win a holiday, give a lot of though to what you think they want to hear, bearing in mind they are likely to publish it.
  • If it’s a particularly hard competition, don’t give up.  If you can do it, then the odds are greatly in your favour.

So that’s how to win a holiday.  Below are a few you missed.  Have a look and see if they inspire you.

Here’s some to get you started.  Enter Holiday Competitions

Good Luck!


Closed 22 December 2014:  Win a family break to Miami, Florida

Miami Beach

“We’ve teamed up with Thomas Cook Airlines and The Biltmore Hotel to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a seven-night holiday in Miami, Florida.”