Cottages with Hot Tubs

Those of us that live in the UK know full well what our weather can be like – and I lived there for more than 60 years so trust me, I know!  We avoid 9 months of the year for UK holidays because we just can’t rely on it and even when we think we can we often find it lets us down, especially with cold, wet or windy evenings.  Holiday abroad were good value for money taking that into account but that was pre 2020.  Now we have to worry about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and staying home for the holidays seem a safer bet.

Hot tubs have always been an added luxury but now it’s almost a necessity as more and more people want to stay in the UK for cottage holidays.  Having a heated hot tub not only means you aren’t affected so much by seasonal changes and makes for a great from the warmest summer through to the cold winter.

Make sure you check your rental terms though.  Having an efficiently heated hot tub is important.  Older model hot tubs may take a long time to heat up and may not be cost effective if you have to pay the electricity.  Even if it’s included, you seriously don’t want to wait 8 hours for your hot tub to be usable.  An inefficient or uncovered hot tub can easily take twice the time to heat and poor insulation will cool it quickly especially in winter.  So bottom line – ask about your hot tub!

Luxury Hot Tub Cottages

Luxury Hot Tub Holiday