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Whether you are looking for last minute hotel deals or booking ahead for your next holiday you want to quickly find hotel information online without wading through a tone of searches. Here are the best sites for getting hotel prices and reviews quickly.

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Your hotel getaway is currently 20% off or more when you sign in and book your hotel. Free cancellation and flexible bookings on most hotels. Sign in is optional.

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I don’t much like their switch to making commission off hotel bookings and trips but it is still the best for unbiased reviews from holidaymakers. is a great way to find your alternative to hotel accommodation.

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Latest Info on Alpha Rooms Refunds

“Emails will not be responded to until actually working on your claim, but they are registered against your claim and will be looked at. You can ring to check your claim is on the system, but these people do not have access to any other information, so can only say …..await email and ring again in 2/3 weeks.”

Having heard so many horror stories from hosts and travelers alike, and been on the receiving end of their ‘little hitler’ attitude, we are no longer recommending AirBnB. Please try Booking,com or TripAdvisor!