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Our recommendation:  The Jewel of the Nile

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Notice re Trip Advisor:  Have recently had unfavorable reviews removed  without explanation?  Read more about this here—>>>> Trip Advisor deleted my review.

Jewel Of The Nile Luxor  Jewel of the Nile is rated number one of the Luxor restaurant.

On our return to Luxor this year we visited as many restaurants as possible to enable us to provide a detailed review on the best and shall we say the ‘not so good’ restaurants on offer.  We visited Luxor restaurants to suit all pockets to able us to give a comprehensive view for Egypt tourists.  Although we have frequented some of these old established restaurants for numerous years we returned to our top 3 restaurants before leaving Luxor to ensure that we could confirm that the quality of the food and service was consistent.  For up to date, genuine unbiased information and comments we list below our findings.

Jewel Of The Nile Luxor  Jewel of the Nile is rated number one of the Luxor restaurant.

For comfortable surroundings, delicious food and friendly service this is without doubt is the first restaurant you should visit on arriving in Luxor.  You’ll be amazed at the warm welcome you’ll receive on arrival, with genuine Egyptian and International cuisine on offer, all freshly prepared, you won’t  fail to be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost of your meal will be.   (read our full review)

No. 2 Best Restaurant in Luxor – Maxim’s 

Long established restaurant providing excellent food and service in pleasant surroundings, again at very reasonable prices. (read our full review)

No. 3 Best Restaurant in Luxor – Jems

Top class food from a top class chef. This very under-rated restaurant suffers from a poor frontage, which I feel sadly puts people off.  Do try it though I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  Albert the owner will prepare you mouth-watering food again at a price that’s easy on the pocket. (read our full review)

No 1 Worst Restaurant in Luxor – The Lantern Luxor 

Once a very popular restaurant with returning visitors to Luxor, we found this restaurant to be overpriced, food of poor quality, although plentiful, and staff with selective hearing when the quick round of ‘have you enjoyed your meal’ is nightly banded about. The standards of this restaurant have slipped to say the very least, certainly one to avoid.  (read our full review)

No.2 Worst Restaurant in Luxor – Castello

Newly opened this restaurant seems to have more than a few teething problems, we would give this one a miss for the time being.  Maybe they will turn things around given time. (read our full review)

Jewel Of The Nile Luxor  Jewel of the Nile is rated number one of the Luxor restaurant.

Trip Advisor deleted my review

We have recently had some very disturbing emails from a number of holiday makers we met whilst in Luxor.  These people have no connection with one another or with this site  other than the fact that they, like us, were staying at the Hotel Nile Palace and we all got talking about where was good to eat and we spent an hour or two reading Trip Advisor reviews on my laptop in the bar.

There were half a dozen restaurants we pretty much all tried and found without exception that The Jewel in the Nile was excellent and the Lantern varied between extremely disappointing to totally revolting.  Now I rarely post to Trip Advisor – I have enough to do maintaining my websites, but when I heard reports back from the people we had met saying that every time they posted a couple of good review and a bad one, their reviews were removed, I decided to post my own.

I gave an excellent review to the Jewel of the Nile, Jems and Maxims, a reasonable one for Snobs and one or two others and a poor one for the Lantern. Sure enough my reviews were posted then 2 weeks later they were all deleted without explanation.

There has been some suggestion that if a hotel or restaurant complains after a poor review, suggesting that a competitor is behind it, Trip Advisor will take the easy route and remove the reviews.  I can’t comment as to whether this is true or not.  I do know that all those who had reviews removed  complained and were told they didn’t meet the guidelines.  What utter rubbish.  I have a long standing account on Tripadvisor and although I don’t post much, I have posted about other areas including places like Sri Lanka.  I could hardly be mistaken for the owner of the Jewel or Jems posting their own fake reviews.

If poor hotels and restaurants can manipulate the system like this it’s about time Trip Advisor looked at there procedures.

If this has happened to you, please drop us a line.

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