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I believe the Metropolitan Cafe and Restaurant,
Metropolitan Bowling Club and El Kababgy are all owned by the same people.
Sadly time didn’t allow us to try all these venues so the Metropolitan Cafe and
Restaurant will have to wait until we return next month. We did however try
El Kababgy and couldĀ  certainly recommend it for good food, great views
and, in view of location, fair prices.

Worldwide Travel Holidays in Luxor

“to pushy, not at all clean, i would not advise having a meal there. ok for a quick drink. more “

“Ate here once and highly recommend you dont bother ,its part of a chain the place we ate was open air,waited ages for a very mediocre burger and was constantly surrounded by ferral cats for a mealthat was brought from elsewhere. The next morning several toilet trips were required hence the title of this review more “

“Had lunch here recently….Good selection of food…..A bit overpriced, due to its central location and because its on the water,near the boats……Food is…….Ok…I had the lunch buffet,,,,,good value……….staff is Ok…… this county standards…. more “

“My spouse and I spent the day in Luxor, and hopped upon this place. They advertise with several large billboards along the eastern bank of the river. PROS: – Situated near the bank of the Nile river, outside tables offer nice views of sailboats going by. CONS: – very slow service; food is cooked at an off-site location; orders need… more “

“really terrible place. Food not that great, service slow and the exchange rate for paayment in $ or pounds is a total rip off. Nice waiter. Manager not so great. Not the place for food. more “

“Had lunch here twice. It was one of the few places you could have a beer with a Nile view. It was deaer than some places not on the river but good food. The toilet was a public one nearby which was ok. Cheaper wine than our nearby hotel and supplied in an ice bucket more “

“Went here once and never went back, nice views over the river and cheapish Stella but the food was very plain and average, ok for a snack but there are certainly better places to eat more “

“There are two cafes down in this area, one has a 2 lane bowling alley which is good fun, with big screen tv’s that show music and sports. This is ideal for anyone, however, if you have a family and find a lack of entertainment for them, this would be the place to go. The second one, is similar to… more “


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