Hotels Sharm El Sheik

Sharm El Sheik Hotels

Enjoy Sharm El Sheikhs exciting nightlife, very popular among travelers all over the world with its  famous scuba diving and snorkeling.  Sharm El Sheikh shore offers you many different kinds of excursions like a jeep safari to St. Catherine’s to climb the mountain, also you can make a day trips from Sharm el sheikh marina to visit Ras Mohamed National Park, one of the best places for diving. It contains over 1000 sorts of colorful fish like barracuda, reef sharks and turtles, the amazing coral reefs. also you can make a safari trip to the amazing Colored Canyon. you will be enjoying with every day out and about.

Diving in the Red Sea also offers something for everyone. Not only is there plenty of nature to enjoy, but the further North you go, there are also many wrecks that are quite beautiful and worth a visit. Since the Red Sea has had ships traveling through it as an important trade route for centuries, some of these ships have gotten caught on rocks and sunk, and some have even been sunk during World Wars I & II. Needless to say, these wreckage sites offer sine stunning views, having been populated by some coral and fish in the years since their sinking.