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“Very touristy town, Luxor is well supplied with banks, ATMs (not always in service), shops (including jewellery quality) and numerous restaurants. More traditional souk, very oriental, it is flooded with junk-souvenirs not always the best taste. Taxis and rickshaws jostle street while feluccas are the kings of the cornice: as a tourist sets foot outside is assaulted and must struggle to resist these persistent sirens. This commercial harassment here is still nice and natural friendliness of the people of the Nile is not just a legend.”

“Undoubtedly, both the Egyptians and the people who came from beyond the confines of Egypt paled to see buildings of a size that could never have imagined, or statues and stone colossi domain speaking their kings.  There in Thebes are two of the greatest temples ever built by the Pharaohs: the temple of Karnak and Luxor.”

The monumental complex of Karnak consists of three temples, among which stands magnificent sanctuary of the god Amun, which covers a whopping 30 acres of extension.De this temple, the most extraordinary part is its pillared hall, where a forest of 130 colossal columns jaw-dropping visitors. Each measures 25 meters high and eight people linked by hands, with outstretched arms to encircle its perimeter, where would the Notre Dame de París.  How could lift hooks of 15 meters in diameter where 50 people standing perfectly fit? Without any doubt, this temple was once the center of the world; one of the most amazing buildings that humans erected in antiquity.

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Map of Southern Sharm

Map of Southern Sharm Old Town

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Map of Sharm Old Town Area For complete Sharm Maps with Hotel Keys visit Maps of Sharm

In Things to Do This Year

  • Abydos in Kharga
  • Anakato (Nubia) in Aswan
  • Bahariya Oasis in El-Wahat el- Bahariya
  • Blue Hole in Dahab
  • Cleopatra’s Bath in Siwa
  • Djara Cave in Dakhla
  • Eel Garden in Dahab
  • El-Kebir National Park in the Western Desert
  • Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai
  • Philae Temple (Temple of Isis) in Aswan
  • Ras Mohammed in Sharm El-Sheikh
  • Ras Shitan in Nuweiba
  • Saluga & Ghazal Island in Aswan
  • Shali Fortress in Siwa
  • The Colored Canyon in Taba
  • The Fjord in Taba
  • The White Desert in Farafra
  • Wadi El-Gemal Protected Area in Marsa Alam
  • Wadi Lahami Lagoon for Diving
  • Kitesurfing in Marsa Alam
  • Whales Valley in Fayoum

Sultan Gardens Resort Map

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Sultan Gardens Resort

Rooms at the Sultan Gardens Resort

  • Rooms 101-181 xx
  • Rooms 201-281 Sea View rooms not closest to the beach but higher so better views
  • Rooms 301-381 Sea View rooms upper floors have the best views
  • Rooms 401-481 Sea View rooms closest to the beach
  • Rooms 501-581 xx
  • Rooms 601-681 xx
  • Rooms 801-881 xx
  • Rooms xxx Villas

Hotel Valtur Sinai Groove Sharm

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Hotel Valtur Sinai Groove Sharm

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Some suggestions for amazing places to do in Egypt

See the map for suitable areas!.

  • Malkata Palace (Luxor) The city-sized home palace of one of ancient Egypt’s most powerful rulers gives us a rare look into the lives of the epoch’s rulers.
  • Enjoy your stay at Oasis Hotel. (Giza)
  • Agricultural Museum of Cairo (Cairo) A huge museum of much more than just agriculture displayed in a princess’s palace.
  • pend the day at the Egyptian Museum. (Luxor)
  • pend the day at the Egyptian Museum. (Luxor)

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Hotel Valtur Sinai Groove Sharm

Sharm Taxis

Take a Taxi to Sharm

Egypt is an absolute nightmare for auto travel and getting to the Hotel Valtur Sinai Groove Sharm or nearby resorts can get a real pain. So why not take a pre-booked taxi and arrive at your hotel relaxed? You really don’t want to take a random taxi, even at the airport, so try and book a reputable Sharm taxi firm in advance.

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Map from Sharm El Sheik Airport

Getting to/from the Sharm El Sheikh Airport

By Car: The airport is located 18 kilometers (11 miles) to the North-East from the Sharm El Sheikh resort-city at the highway (the El-Salam street) leading through the airport along the recreation area of Sharm El Sheikh. The airport buildings are perfectly noticeable from the highway and it’s impossible to miss them. The two passenger terminals are situated one behind another.

Route to the airport – see map

By Taxi: Taxi ranks are located next to the passenger Terminal 1. Taxi offers 24-hour services. The car can take you to the Sharm El Sheikh hotels, the residential neighborhood of the town and to the neighboring resorts. It’s possible to order a taxi to the airport just for the arrival time. Taxi order number is 122 with any mobile carrier. It’s better to settle with the taxi-driver the price for transfer beforehand in order not to be cheated. As a rule luggage is included into the transfer price.

By Bus: Regular transportation in Sharm El Sheikh is carried out by private carriers offering the passengers only minibuses. The bus stops are located next to the Sharm El Sheikh airport passenger Terminal 1. The Sharm El Sheikh public transport is peculiar of the absence of fixed stops on the route, pick-up and drop-off is made on demand. The buses start from the airport filled up. It’s better to settle with the bus-driver the price for transfer before the departure in order not to be cheated. It takes about 15 minute drive to the center of the Sharm El Sheikh city.


Map of Sharm El Sheikh

Fullsize Map of Sharm El Sheik

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It’s around 300 miles from Cairo to Sharm, but security at the moment is tight. More than once military checkpoints require bleary-eyed passengers to disembark into the gloom and line up, bags open for inspection.

There are numerous things to do to make your time in Sharm El-Sheikh a memorable one. The city is home to the most fascinating landscapes of Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. You can spend the day sunbathing at one of the best beaches in the world, explore the local culture wandering around the Old Town, go hiking on Mount Sinai or embark on an adventure to the deep seas and discover the underwater treasures at many diving spots, particularly at Ras Mohammed Marine Park. There are also many historical treasures in the region such as St. Catherine’s Monastery sits at the foot of Mt. Sinai, Sharm Old Market and Al-Sahaba Mosque.

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Hotel Map of Turtle Bay Sharm el Sheikh

Map of Sharm

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