Domina Emilio Hotel Luxor

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Looking for Holiday Reviews for the Domina Emilio Hotel Luxor?

Domina Emilio Hotel Luxor Holiday Reviews

Domina Emilio Hotel Luxor

“I spent only 2 nights in Luxor, since it’s not my favorite city. The Emilio hotel has all the benefits you want if you are planning to be on your feet all day seeing the temples and museums and the Sound and Light Show. It’s staff are friendly enough, the rooms are very clean, spacious and fancy with spotless bathrooms…. more “

“Used to stay here years ago, and back then it was value for money, although noisy and not much of a view unless you were on the roof. Now it appears things have changed, price has increased – not only of the rooms but also of the drinks which now rival 5 star hotel prices and also the food has… more “

“Reading the negative reviews, I wonder if those people stayed at the same Emilio as we did. We ended our tour of Egypt in this hotel and stayed for a few nights. The hotel was very clean, so were the rooms, breakfast was good, and the rooftop terrace was great to relax after visiting the sites. The only negative I… more “

“I like the Emilio Hotel! Have stayed there twice now and both times have really enjoyed it. Have found it to be a very friendly, family run hotel and never had any problems with being asked for tips like other reviews have mentioned. It is a fairly basic hotel but is also one of the cheapest – package deals have… more “

“This hotel is a total nightmare!!…The staff rip you off at every chance they get,The bar staff come to you for the bill before you’ve even finished eating,or if you having a drink they come every 2nd drink and add on a service charge!!!..they told us the prices had gone up from when the menu had been printed and were… more “

“non- stop hassle from staff for tips , every little thing they told you or done for you resulted in them following you for tips prime example was we went out on day of departure as we had time to kill before flight,as soon as we left the room a porter there straight away for bags [bearing in mind he… more “

“Hell on earth dirty, rude staff, builders stealing clothes from rooms, lifts not working so 14 flights of stairs to climb, danger all around live electrical wires and gaping holes everywhere workman harassing female guests and a management that could only say smile you on holiday or demand more money for better services better to stay at home then ever… more “

“I had booked with Agoda this hotel. When I arrived everything was dusty and they were making renovations. My room was ready, but the workers were in the hallways all the time starting at 8 o’clock in the morning because they worked in the rooms in front of mine. I have gone away after one night and me I won’t… more “

“I have stayed at the Emilio in the past and have enjoyed it especially for the pool which is a real blessing in the 110 degree heat. I booked again for this recent trip via the internet and was still able to get the $30 a night rate. Anyway, I arrived to find the hotel under complete re-construction. There is… more “

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Some ideas for interesting things to do in Egypt

Check-out the map for suitable areas!.

  • Explore Dendera and Abydos Temples. (Luxor)
  • Reef diving in Elphinstone Reef. (Marsa Alam)
  • Discover The Lost City of Heracleion in Al Maadeyah. (Cairo)
  • Visit St.Catherine’s Monastery – Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai. (Dahab)
  • Visit St.Catherine’s Monastery – Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai. (Dahab)

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Domina Emilio Hotel Luxor

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Egypt is an absolute nightmare for auto travel and getting to the Domina Emilio Hotel Luxor or nearby resorts can get a real pain. So why not take a pre-booked taxi and arrive at your hotel relaxed? You really don’t want to take a random taxi, even at the airport, so try and book a reputable Luxor taxi firm in advance.

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