Egypt In October

Weather in Egypt in October

The weather in Egypt in October is like an English summer with out the rain..

The ‘big hot days’ have gone by now and the weather is very nice. Avoiding the mid day sun is still a must, but only for a few hours and the rest of the day is fine and not too hot in the sun.

If your a compulsive sun bather, you are guaranteed as much frying weather as you can handle. October is a good month for this as you can fry for a full 10 hours every and probably not actually cook your skin.

The evenings are cool in October and sleeping out in the desert will require
a blanket to keep warm but as long as you have a fire you do not feel the cold
just before the sun rises.

Average temperature during the day in October for Egypt is 24-29 degrees and a low of 13-17 degrees at night.

A trip to Egypt will never disappoint in any month of the year but Egypt In October has a great deal to offer. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for your next holiday now and maybe you will spending your next holiday in Egypt In October!