Egypt Weather

Summer in Egypt

The temperature in Egypt during the summer months is 28 ° C on average, with a minimum of 22º. That’s quite hot for visitors, and remember that in the desert there is not much shade.

Winter in Egypt

The average temperature in January and February are 14 ° C, with a minimum of 9. It is better than in summer, although at night it’s best to have a jacket.

Best time to travel to Egypt

If we only consider the climate, the mildest months are March, April, October and November. If you choose these months, you won’t regret your choice. Minimum of 14º and 20º.

Egypt Weather

The climate in Egypt and temperatures

Egypt in general is a hot, dry and arid country but the climate in the Nile Delta and Upper Egypt Valley is different. The Delta has a moderate climate with summer temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and high humidity, a Mediterranean climate. The rest of the country is dry and can reach temperatures of over 50 degrees at times. The desert nights can be cool and heat difference is very marked.

From April to May is a great time to travel and enjoy some heat without being overbearing.

In the Red Sea water temperature is nice but due to strong currents can become very cold, but usually is warm in summer. Throughout this coast and Sinai wind blows almost daily and it ideal for practising certain water sports.

Egypt Weather