Single Travelers Tenerife

Tenerife and Only Me

Hi I am looking for advice on solo travel to Tenerife for a holiday.  I hear Tenerife is ok fos single travelers but I’m worried I will look silly being on my own and whether it’s safe? I hope people won’t judge me? My friend cancelled and I don’t want to lose money and I was also really looking forward to it. Any advice or has anyone traveled on holiday solo?     Sound familiar?

A group for solo travelers to meet others is a great idea.  Hostels are a good idea too.  They have the added advantage of being cheap.  Some people are a bit intimidated by the idea that hostels are full of hikers, backpackers, surfers etc., in other words really active people.  This is not true of all hostels but a group like this is a great place to find out.

Tenerife for Single Travelers

Tenerife and Only Me, an innovative idea using Facebook to bring solo travelers together in Tenerife South.  Hostel accommodation can also be found on this group.  Mandy Green writes:  Welcome to my group, this is for people in Tenerife either resident or traveling on there own that would like to meet other people to enjoy the pleasures of Tenerife. This is not necessarily a dating site, it is for people to enjoy things together.  I will be arranging dates and venues for people to meet for coffee or drinks and arrange trips if anyone would like to join us.