Nubian Oasis Hotel Luxor

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Looking for Holiday Reviews for the Nubian Oasis Hotel Luxor?

Nubian Oasis Hotel Luxor Holiday Reviews

Nubian Oasis Hotel Luxor

“It ain’t the Ritz – but for the price it’s OK. For backpackers etc, it’s more than OK, but if you’re looking for a bit of comfort and luxury don’t stay here. We met some of the best people on our trip at the rooftop bar of this hotel, it’s such a great spot. The staff are also brilliant and… more “

“We unfortunately only got to stay one night at the Nubian Oasis Hotel, but it was very enjoyable. They organized both a driver and bikes to take us to the sights that we wanted to see. They picked us up from the train station, and took care of finding us tickets home on a busy holiday week. The rooftop terrace… more “

“Where should I begin! This hotel was a nightmare for my 27 year old son and me on our adventure to Egypt. When I booked this online I should have taken a hint at the “low” price of $8 a night, but the reviews on Trip Advisor were very positive and all said it was a great value . It… more “

“I stayed with my husband and three children in Nov. 2019 and I payed 60 Egyptian pounds for a three room bed. I found it a really great place in this price. Rooms were clean with lenins. Especially Mansoor is very cooperative. He arranged for our balloon trip and on request arranged warm Jackets on borrowing from his home. Breakfast… more “

“Stayed at Nubian Oasis Hotel for 4 nights in May 2017. Had a bit of a hard time finding the place initially, but its actually about 5 mins walking distance from the train station. The price for our room was 40 Egyptian Pounds, which was less than $8 USD. For the price this room is great. The staff is really… more “

“I had a great time, I trust the staff because the didn’t try to rip me off, they explained the cost of tours and entrance fees, and didn’t try to take some outragous commision like MANY other hotels in Egypt. I definitly recommend it! more “

“This is definitely a backpacker’s hostel. The rooms are fine, the bathrooms leave a lot to be desired, but the rooftop cafe and bar area is great. For $6, it’s worth it and the Korean woman that helps run it is very nice, knowledgeable, and very helpful. more “

“At $1.66 a night per person, we waivered about this hostel. I mean, can something be this cheap and not be horrible? The answer is, miraculously, yes. The rooms are hostel simple and there were a few plumbing and electric issues. and you know, there isn’t a shower curtain so water is all over the floor in the bathroom and… more “

“Somos duas amigas brasileiras e ficamos muito satisfeitas com a nossa estada no Hotel Nubian Oasis. O proprietario nos esperava… more “

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Some random ideas for amazing places to do in Egypt

See the map for suitable areas!.

  • Desert Breath (Hurghada) A massive work of modern art that appears to be a crop circle in the middle of the desert.
  • Explore Giza Solar Boat Museum. (Giza)
  • Take a Cave tour of Sanur Valley Cave. (Cairo)
  • Visit the temple of Medinat Habu. (Luxor)
  • Visit the temple of Medinat Habu. (Luxor)

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Nubian Oasis Hotel Luxor

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Take a Taxi to Luxor

Egypt is an absolute nightmare for auto travel and getting to the Nubian Oasis Hotel Luxor or nearby resorts can get a real pain. So why not take a pre-booked taxi and arrive at your hotel relaxed? You really don’t want to take a random taxi, even at the airport, so try and book a reputable Luxor taxi firm in advance.

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