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“Very touristy town, Luxor is well supplied with banks, ATMs (not always in service), shops (including jewellery quality) and numerous restaurants. More traditional souk, very oriental, it is flooded with junk-souvenirs not always the best taste. Taxis and rickshaws jostle street while feluccas are the kings of the cornice: as a tourist sets foot outside is assaulted and must struggle to resist these persistent sirens. This commercial harassment here is still nice and natural friendliness of the people of the Nile is not just a legend.”

“Undoubtedly, both the Egyptians and the people who came from beyond the confines of Egypt paled to see buildings of a size that could never have imagined, or statues and stone colossi domain speaking their kings.  There in Thebes are two of the greatest temples ever built by the Pharaohs: the temple of Karnak and Luxor.”

The monumental complex of Karnak consists of three temples, among which stands magnificent sanctuary of the god Amun, which covers a whopping 30 acres of extension.De this temple, the most extraordinary part is its pillared hall, where a forest of 130 colossal columns jaw-dropping visitors. Each measures 25 meters high and eight people linked by hands, with outstretched arms to encircle its perimeter, where would the Notre Dame de París.  How could lift hooks of 15 meters in diameter where 50 people standing perfectly fit? Without any doubt, this temple was once the center of the world; one of the most amazing buildings that humans erected in antiquity.