Hurghada Seagull Beach Resort

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Looking for Holiday Reviews for the Hurghada Seagull Beach Resort?

Hurghada Seagull Beach Resort Holiday Reviews

Hurghada Seagull Beach Resort

“I went to Hurghada booked at Seagull Resort, intending to stay for 5 days/4 nights but I was so shocked when I reached the hotel although most of my friends told me what to expect but what I seen was beyond expectations. The hotel was a complete disappointment because of the staff (friendly but poor) , food, guests (99% low”

“The seagull hotel is bang in the middle of hurgharda with easy access to the new harbour and many shops and resturants.The rooms are fairly basic but very clean and the service genrally exellent but bordering on invasive[ plates and glasses whipped away almost before you have put them down].The beach is clean, and well shelterd from the wind.One disappointing”

“We spent one week at this resort. The offered it as a 5 star resort, but it is not really like that. The problem with this is that you could get higher expectation, and later on could be some how disappointed because: the air conditioning on the room is a window unit and didn’t work but only to make noise”

“You have to make sure that you are put in the Seagull Beach Resort rather than its sister hotel Seagull .The staff initially tried to put us in the old part. After a bit of debating with the staff we finally got moved.However we were put in a room facing the main street which is extremely noisy. We eventually got”

“This hotel is extremely old and the rooms are very basic. The hotel is also very noisy at night with many guests having parties in their rooms at night continuing until 6am. The hotel management were unable and unwilling to stop these parties. Most nights the music from parties was so load the beds in our rooms vibrated! The food”

“The hotel and its personnel is nice. However, I will not return to Seagull. Most of the quest about 90 % were Russian. The atmosphere in the lobby, dining restaurant etc. was like from Moscow. So big amount of same nationality was not good. The feeling was not Egyptian not even international. At least for Scandinavian the Russian manners seem”

“This is never a 5 star hotel as mentioned in write up on web site, more like a 2/3. Although the staff think it’s 4 star.(NO WAY) Room although big, needed refurbishment, tacky Food repetitious and luke warm. Clientele all from old eastern block, avoid Egyptian holidays, our second week was swarming with them, the restaurant/canteen was like a bun”

“good service average food too noisy until 2-3 AM dirty beach Worst hotel I have ever visited. If you want to see more photos of Seagull resort, you can find them on my webpage more “

“My boyfriend and I were in the Seagull Hotel in August 2019. We had a very nice time. We stayed in the new building. The rooms were big and the people were nice. Only the foot i’s every day the same. There isn’t much variation. Have a nice time at Seagull! more “

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Some ideas for amazing places to do in Egypt

Consult the map for suitable areas!.

  • Desert Breath (Hurghada) A massive work of modern art that appears to be a crop circle in the middle of the desert.
  • Dendera Light (Dandarah) Ancient Egyptian relief, claimed to depict an electrical light.
  • Explore about mummies at Mummification Museum (Luxor)
  • The Pyramid of Senusret II (Al Lahoun) It might not be the prettiest pyramid in Egypt, but it may be the muddiest.
  • The Pyramid of Senusret II (Al Lahoun) It might not be the prettiest pyramid in Egypt, but it may be the muddiest.

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Hurghada Seagull Beach Resort

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