Hor Palace Hurghada

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Looking for Holiday Reviews for the Hor Palace Hurghada?

Hor Palace Hurghada Holiday Reviews

Hor Palace Hurghada

“The hotel is very calm, thats why I found it very nice place to stay in. The beach is long but not to have any snorkel in, the rooms are kind of old but big and kind of clean, the stuff do what you order them to do very queckly, and that impresses me, the food was great for a”

“I have decided to write a review about this hotel to worn people NOT TO GO THERE! It is incredible, and not in a good way! I can’t imagine how is it allowed to function! It’s very , very , very OLD! There are 3 buildings. The first one is the worst and the third one is the best, if”

“We came yesterday for Hor Palace hotel from two weeks trip. Hotel was quite clean and hotel´s beach was okey. You have to be careful with costs, becauce prise of buffet dinner can be different in reseption and in the restaurant. Toilet didn´t work everyday. Ask bungalow if possible or seaview from the hotel. We had backyard view, not very”

“insgesamt empfehlenswert ohne kinder haben eh alle keine ahnung von ägypten more “

“C’était notre premier voyage en couple, et il était magnifique (mis à part les terribles brûlures!). Il est vrai de”

“Insgesamt waren wir sehr zufrieden mit dem Urlaub, wenn man nicht allzu pingelig ist. Es ist eben ein 3 Sterne-Hotel”

“NIE WIEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beschwerdebrief ist unterwegs. Dieser Urlaub war mein hart erarbeitetes Geld nicht im geringsten wert!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicht hingehen!!!!! more “

“Gut Lage, Personal freundlich, war ein günstiges ägyptisches 3 Sterne Hotel Für den Preis kann man nicht mehr erwarten ! more “

“Es war mir alles zu künstlich, keine Strandspaziergänge möglich. Außerdem ist es eine Männerwelt, mir zu sehr mon-kultur. more “

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Some ideas for exciting stuff to do in Egypt

Go to the map for suitable areas!.

  • Buy ornaments made of Great Sand Sea Glass of the Libyan Desert. (Cairo)
  • Mit Ghamr Dovecotes – Giant pigeon houses packed into city streets in Egypt. (Sharm El Sheikh)
  • Dive the Red Sea. (Sharm El Sheikh)
  • Hatshepsut’s Myrrh Tree (Luxor) This unassuming tree stump reportedly traces its roots to the famous pharaoh queen’s reign.
  • Hatshepsut’s Myrrh Tree (Luxor) This unassuming tree stump reportedly traces its roots to the famous pharaoh queen’s reign.

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Hor Palace Hurghada

Hurghada Taxis

Take a Taxi to Hurghada

Egypt is an absolute nightmare for auto travel and getting to the Hor Palace Hurghada or nearby resorts can get a real pain. So why not take a pre-booked taxi and arrive at your hotel relaxed? You really don’t want to take a random taxi, even at the airport, so try and book a reputable Hurghada taxi firm in advance.

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