El Gezira Hotel Cairo

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Looking for Holiday Reviews for the El Gezira Hotel Cairo?

El Gezira Hotel Cairo Holiday Reviews

El Gezira Hotel Cairo

“If you are looking for a genuine egyptian experience with friendly service then this is the place for you. This isnt a five (or even four) star luxury hotel but it is clean tidy, well kept and full of character. The hotel itself is situated on the quiet West Bank of Luxor away from the bussle and is ideally situated”

“What a great little hotel! It was a relief to take the local ferry (E£1) across the Nile to the west bank, away from crowds. Lovely room with aircon and fan. Great roof top terrace for relaxing with a turkish coffee. Hotel offers simple but tasty meals. Recommend nearby El-Fayroux hotel for egyptian food in a lovely garden restaurant. Would”

“We had an amazing experience in the Gezira Garden. On our first night, the hotel had a small party on the roof (amazing food, live traditional music, and dancing) and we met some locals that gave us amazing tips on things to see that normal tours don’t. This made all the difference in our trip. The hotel itself was very”

“Situé sur la rive ouest, l’hotel Gezira est idéalement placé pour visiter les sites archéologiques de la montagne thébaine tranquillement”

“Das GEZIRA GARDEN HOTEL ist eine schmucke 33 Zimmer- Oase mit herrlicher Gartenanlage und einladendem Swimmingpool. Lage: Westbank, vom Anlegeplatz”

“Voilà plusieurs années maintenant que je fréquente cet hôtel. Avec tous les problèmes de dévaluation de la monnaie, il reste”

“L’hotel sur la rive occidentale, de type “budget”, est niché dans un écrin de verdure et de fleurs. Les chambres”

“Es war nun bereits mein 3. Aufenthalt im “Gezira Gardens”! Ein schönes kleines Hotel mit Pool auf der West Bank!”

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Some suggestions for interesting things to do in Egypt

Use the map for suitable areas!.

  • Crawl space in Sakkara. (Giza)
  • Malkata Palace (Luxor) The city-sized home palace of one of ancient Egypt’s most powerful rulers gives us a rare look into the lives of the epoch’s rulers.
  • Take a tour of Safari to Sahara Park. (Hurghada)
  • White Desert (Al Farafrah) An alien landscape of chalk-rock in the Egyptian desert.
  • White Desert (Al Farafrah) An alien landscape of chalk-rock in the Egyptian desert.

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El Gezira Hotel Cairo

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