Hotel Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort

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Looking for Holiday Reviews for the Hotel Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort?

Hotel Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort Holiday Reviews

Hotel Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort

We booked our holiday through Worldwide Travel’s to celebrate a couple of special occasions, our Anniversary and my Birthday. All we wanted was somewhere hot and relaxing. Well we certainly got both and more.
We believe our room had been upgraded, we were in the 2nd block of the Hyacinth (all blocks named after flowers) with a lovely sea view, large balcony and large living area. The room was kept spotlessly clean and the room attendant was never far away. This was handy especially as the swipe card for the door was a little temperamental. He would let you in without you going to reception (top tip, don’t keep your card by your mobile phone or digital camera) he was always very jolly and would get you anything you asked for, a little tipping does help.
We did our homework before we went away and read the reviews that drinks and food were expensive so we booked half board and took some Duty Free drinks in with us. Then when there we took the free shuttle bus to Namma Bay to visit the mini markets and buy some local beer, wine and spirits. Although your bags are searched when entering the hotel they don’t mind and didn’t confiscate anything. The hotel prices for a bottle of wine was approx GBP40, beer GBP6, short with mixed GBP10.compared to mini market price GBP10, GBP2, bottle of local short GBP10.
We even walked into Naama bay it took us about 20 mins to get to the end of the Promenade then had a slow walk between the Hotels and Seafront which took another 20 mins to the Centre- but a word of warning it is hot so go prepared with water, sun cream and hat.
The food was excellent in the Café Fresco Buffet, lots of choice and if you get to know the Head Chef, Ragab, he’ll cook you something special while you wait he was brilliant. The Waiters were always very cheerful, especially Ahmed, who always greeted us with a smile and a friendly chat even if he wasn’t serving our table. Mohammed was good too he tried to teach us a new Arabic word every day. There was also a good choice of food at the Souk, but being on HB you were given tokens to spend on food only, it was a great experience but we couldn’t spend all of our tokens and had to hand some back at the end of the night. (Hot tip- to use up your tokens – ask for a takeaway box and ask them to fill with fresh fruit or pizza, so that you can eat later in your room). There was entertainment every night but very basic.
The Beach and Pool areas were never crowded and the Beach and Pool Butlers would always find you a nice spot. The hotel has a perfect location for the coral and even all daily boat trippers stopped right outside the hotel to do their diving and snorkelling. The coral was fantastic, you didn’t even have to venture into the sea to see the fish, you just needed to walk along the jetty and look over through the clear sea and there they were.
The Hotel also helped me celebrate my birthday by delivering a lovely gateaux type cake covered in fruit it was scrumptious.
Whilst there we meet several couples who had been many times before and given the opportunity we would certainly go back again, so what does that say about the place!

If you like snorkelling this has the best garden reef ever literally at your feet. A great dive school should you wish to go under but its not necessary as you can see more from above. The location is suberb, the food fabulous, the rooms very comfortable, loads of swimming pools for everyone all on different levels. Gardens are truly beautiful beach is limited as its man made of course. Staff fall over themselves backwards to be helpful. Not cheap but you won’t get the trots on this hotel as cleanliness is tops. International standard of hotel first class holiday make your own entertainment as the shows are a little repetive after a week of belly dancing.

From the desert surrounding Sharm-el-Sheikh airport to this luxurious paradise the contrast could not be greater. Local red, black and cream granite pave the way from the rooms, through corridors and entice you to stroll through manicured gardens down to the beaches and jetty where the waters team with colourful coral (pink, blue, gold etc). Surgeonfish, butterfly fish and flying fish abound – sights so unlifting that you can hear the “wows” from all around.
As a family we shared stunning club connecting rooms, faultless service and a friendliness from all the staff that we have never experienced anywhere else in the world. Expensive – yes – very – there is no doubt about this eg a meal for four at the Thai restaurant cost two hundred and fifty pounds without any alcoholic drinks.
We used the hotel as a base and flew up to Cairo (1 hr away) one day, then Luxor (40 mins) later on in the week. The hotel is located about 20 mins away from the new and old airport terminals which were adequate.
Worried about security? Egypt has very visible police forces and security services (many ‘bobbies on the beat’). Our hire car was always ‘swept’ on entering the hotel (remember to take an international driving licence) and minibus drivers/taxis are regularly stopped to have their documentation checked. Very reassuring. All in all a magnificent hotel in a magnificent location

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  • Visit the Karnak temple and temple of Seti. (Luxor)
  • Malkata Palace (Luxor) The city-sized home palace of one of ancient Egypt’s most powerful rulers gives us a rare look into the lives of the epoch’s rulers.
  • See sand art at the sand city museum. (Hurghada)
  • See sand art at the sand city museum. (Hurghada)

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Hotel Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort

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