Minamark Beach Resort Hurghada

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Looking for Holiday Reviews for the Minamark Beach Resort Hurghada?

Minamark Beach Resort Hurghada Holiday Reviews

Minamark Beach Resort Hurghada

“We went to this hotel for 10 days, I had read all the reviews but discarded them because everyone has different standards. The hotel is smack bang in the Middle of the main street in Hurghada, the beach at the hotel is small but very clean and wasn’t busy, the beachside music and activites were very repetitive and the same”

“We had planned to take a Christmas & New Break to a hotel in El Gouna but because of the collapse of XL airways new flight operators were necessary and the tour company increased the price by £1,000! As this was way beyond our budget we chose at the very last minute an AI holiday at the Minamark. Once booked”

“Where to start: Firstly I would recommend this holiday location & hotel to everyone depending on your preference, I spose! Egypt / Africa: Please remember this is a third world country so its definately will be different to England and probably wont be what you expect … But dont let that put you off, Culture and experience is why you”

“my honest review is that his hotel is the worst i have ever stayed in on the red sea [4th visit past 2 years] the pool is tiny,the beach crammed with loungers[not even 1inch apart] the food is terrible plus lukewarm at best,if youare all inc you can only get a drink at the poolbar served in disposable cups1 per”

“The Minamark hotel should close its kitchen clean it up train the staff to cook and prepare food. then maybe my wife would not have spent three days on a drip.(along with four others). as for the drinks they were all cheap and nasty .entertainment 3rd rate,pool closed for three days ,DIRTY.never again. more “

“This is hands down the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. I would advise against listening to positive reviews about this place as I honestly cant believe that anyone would stay here and give it a 5 out of 5. Terrible food, hardly an drinks on offer and a dangerous pool with rusty steps. To cap it all, a”

“I have just returned from a one week stay at the Minamark Resort and I had an absolutely brilliant time! I can understand why some people may haev had their issues with the hotel but you have to understand for the level of qualty in service location and the guaranteed weather it is well worth a stay for the price…. “

“Firstly, I chose the Minamark based on the reviews that I read on here. After my stay, I have to conclude that both pleasant and negative reviews have their points. I went all inclusive, and this does work out as something like £15 a night. I have stayed in much, much worse places that charged many times this and did”

“Please read the whole of this review, it will save you. The description on the Internet is over-inflated rubbish. There is 1 main restraunt, 1 swimming pool (which is far too small), and the beach appears man made. The beach is next door to a public beach, so all the locals can line up and look at you, and is”

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Some random ideas for interesting things to do in Egypt

Use the map for suitable areas!.

  • Mit Ghamr Dovecotes – Giant pigeon houses packed into city streets in Egypt. (Sharm El Sheikh)
  • Desert Breath (Hurghada) A massive work of modern art that appears to be a crop circle in the middle of the desert.
  • Visit Karnak Open Air Museum. (Luxor)
  • The Temple of Abu Simbel (Nubia) Ozymandias’ time-keeping temple.
  • The Temple of Abu Simbel (Nubia) Ozymandias’ time-keeping temple.

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Minamark Beach Resort Hurghada

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Egypt is an absolute nightmare for auto travel and getting to the Minamark Beach Resort Hurghada or nearby resorts can get a real pain. So why not take a pre-booked taxi and arrive at your hotel relaxed? You really don’t want to take a random taxi, even at the airport, so try and book a reputable Hurghada taxi firm in advance.

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