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Does Butlins have a Gym?

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The Ocean Spa is the perfect place to experience fun and relaxation. Created to capture the essence of Butlin’s, it’s amazingly relaxed but still delivers our sense of humour. The Spa facilities are based upon the spa principles of warming, heating and cooling the body to leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalised. There’s a wide range of treatments and packages available at the Ocean Spa, so whether you’re looking for a quick treat or a full on pamper session there’s something you’ll love.

Look out for these colours whilst in our spa. 2 Hour Spa Experience   Your spa experience includes full use of the spa facilities: You will be provided with a locker, a robe, a towel and a gift of towelling slippers for the duration of your session. Chilled water and fruit are available free of charge. Soft drinks, teas and coffees are available to purchase during the afternoon.

Unfortunately no alcohol is permitted within the spa. Disabled changing room and a walk in wet room, and a hoist available for any guests that require help getting in and out of the water. 13-17 year olds are welcome to enjoy this experience, but must be accompanied by an adult.

Does Butlins have a Gym?

What did I enjoy more than anything at Butlins?

Hitting the Gym every day.

Although I must say this was in spite of the service not because of it.  No-one asked me if I wanted an induction or to be shown how any of the equipment worked.  On the two occasions I asked no interest was shown in helping me fathom out how to use the equipment.  It was left to other fitness enthusiasts to help me set the equipment up.  Very poor – what would have happened if I had had an accident or pulled a muscle.?

The equipment was good although the air conditioning left a lot to be desired.  There were no towels provided although I found out late in the week you could take a shower if you took your own.  Pity no-one told me that.

There was no water jar which I found very odd.  Apparently it’s for health and safety reasons because of electrical equipment although every other gym or fitness facility I’ve ever been in has water in the facility.  It’s another silly rule like the one that say’s you can’t help yourself in the dining room.  Their version – health and safety – my version?  Heaven forbid you should take two slices of meat instead of one!  But I digress.  Back to the fitness room and water.

When I first asked I was bought a plastic glass which I drank in the gym.  However next day I was told I had to keep coming outside to drink it.  Crazy!  It was warm enough in the fitness room but outside it was baking since the pool was open plan.  Just what you need in the middle of working out!  Especially when the next person in takes a drink in and no-one says a word!

Another point is that ‘drinks’ are free although no-one actually bothers to tell you that.  No big deal though – water or very weak orange squash.

Anyway enough about the fitness suite and equipment.  I did enjoy it.  It was a few peaceful moments in an otherwise crappy Butlins holiday.