Geisum Village Hurghada

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Looking for Holiday Reviews for the Geisum Village Hurghada?

Geisum Village Hurghada Holiday Reviews

Geisum Village Hurghada

“had a wonderful few days holiday whilst on one of my many trips to egypt. I take groups of english tourists out to luxor and fancied a few days away. It was booked by my friend in luxor and i have recommended it to many people and i am looking to take a group there this august to do some”

Hurghada Hotels

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Some great ideas for stuff to do in Egypt

Use the map for suitable areas!.

  • Watch Blue Valley or Coloured Mountain at the blue desert. (Sharm El Sheikh)
  • Explore Giza Solar Boat Museum. (Giza)
  • Take a Cave tour of Sanur Valley Cave. (Cairo)
  • Visit the temple of Medinat Habu. (Luxor)
  • Visit the temple of Medinat Habu. (Luxor)

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Geisum Village Hurghada

Hurghada Taxis

Take a Taxi to Hurghada

Egypt is an absolute nightmare for auto travel and getting to the Geisum Village Hurghada or nearby resorts can get a real pain. So why not take a pre-booked taxi and arrive at your hotel relaxed? You really don’t want to take a random taxi, even at the airport, so try and book a reputable Hurghada taxi firm in advance.

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