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After descending a flight of stairs we were pleasantly surprised to enter a
light and airy restaurant, not what we were expecting of a basement
establishment.  The International/Egyptian menu was extensive with
something to satisfy everyone, from typical Egyptian to pizzas and steaks. 
Welcomed by friendly staff and we were given complimentary appetisers to
accompany our chilled soft drinks, but sadly the restaurant was extremely quite
and lacked atmosphere. Maybe ok for a quick reasonably priced meal or snack but
not the right place if you want to make an evening of it. 


Sharm El Sheikh Holidays     

“This restaurant deserves to be in a more prominent position. Were it to be on the Corniche near to Luxor Temple it would be packed all day, every day. Once you’ve made the descent into the basement, you’re greeted by a light, airy restaurant, which is nicely furnished and spotlesssly clean. Ghamal, the owner, is a very gracious host, he… more “

“A warm welcome in a lovely cool restaurant awaits once you go down the stairs. Lovely food at a good price – all food so much better than the hotel rubbish (they really do need to make an effort and put away the oil!). Would recommend to all – be brave and try the local food it is worth it…. more “

“We went down the steps to this resaurant to find an airy spacious place that was clean and well lit.. we were shown promptly to a table and ordered our food, an appetizer arrived which was a nice surprise.. Thats it.. The food arrived i ordered Pizza that was clearly cooked from frozen and was rubbery and devoid of flavour….. more “

“My wife and I had a list of new restaurants to try when in Luxor recently. I have to admit we left this one until near the end of our holiday. We were put off because it is in a basement accessed via an external staircase. We thought it might be gloomy and didn’t want to commit without being able… more “

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