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We spent two evening at this lively Luxor restaurant during our stay last
month and thoroughly enjoyed the experience on both occasions. Located next to
Nefertiti Hotel, it offers outdoor dining, tables being situated on a narrow
street adding to the atmosphere.  Egyptian cuisine with a strong Lebanese
influence (try their delicious lentil soup, would love to have the recipe).
If you only fancy some refreshment do try their coffee shop, an excellent selection of
teas available.


Good food, friendly service and reasonably priced.  A definite for
our return trip next month.


Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

“I have my lunch here every day its fantastic the garlic bread and spring rolls to die for….The service is 7 * and very professionally managed..its a FAVOURITE and very popular with the Europeans living here and working here like myself………………………………………. more “

“Open air dining though shielded from the sun, we dined here for both lunch and dinner. My Lebanese veal stew was delicious, but alas, my partner woke me up at 2.30 a.m. as she was vomitting. this continued all night and she had stomach cramps for 36 hours. I escaped and perhaps we were unlucky, but is it worth the… more “

“Loved this newest addition to the Nefertiti Hotel. Fantastic menu, excellent prices, service, and conveniently located. more “

“This is the Nefertiti hotel restaurant, which is situated in an alley running between the Luxor / Karnak temple road and the tourist souk. So while you eat, you have locals and tourists wandering by your table, which is either agreeably picaresque or annoying; but hey, you didn’t come to Luxor to hide on your cruise boat, did you? It… more “

“Dopo aver letto la recensione in inglese sono d’accordo con lui. Il ristorante è molto tipico, puoi sceglire di mangiare… more “


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