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Devon, full of rich UK history: Drake sailed from Plymouth and attacked the Spanish ships in the English Channel. Drake himself came from the nearby Devonshire town of Tavistock, where you can visit his home, Buckland Abbey. Devon cream teas abound throughout the tourist areas are are not to be missed. You will find Devon lying in the heart of South West England, bordered by Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall. Take a look at our map of Devon.

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Some great ideas for unmissable trips to do for those troublesome teens and young family members when they get bored! Consult the map for suitable areas!.

  • Join a gym so you don’t get fat in college.
  • Risk your life bungee jumping, just kidding it’s safe.
  • Check the class registration list to potentially upgrade your fall class schedule.
  • Test drive a sports car—I love Tesla’s Model S ludicrous mode.
  • Write in your journal each day of the summer.
Holiday Cottages Topsham

Topsham Cottages

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Holiday properties in Topsham with hot tubs are popular with families and couples looking for something extra. UK weather can be unpredictable so a warm hot tub is a great idea. Many cottages are very scenic so you can enjoy the spectacular views. Cottages with Hot Tubs mean you can take your holiday at the start or end of the season so getting a bargain. Devon has much to do and see but the hot tub will be there when the weather is not!

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