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In the county of Cornwall, lies the exposed high country of Bodmin Moor. It’s the wildest area in Cornwall, dotted with exposed stone crags, one of which, Brown Willy, is the county’s high point at nearly 1,400 feet. Bodmin Moor is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and home to several, rare bird species. Archaeologists have also discovered evidence of Neolithic farming and hunting communities, and numerous stone circles that were probably religious in origin. Cornwall is still a magnet for artists. This is partly because it is warmer than most other parts of Britain, partly because the landscape is spectacularly beautiful, and partly because the lack of industry contributes to a crystal-clear atmosphere. The hilltop island church of St Michaels Mount and the ancient fortress of Tintagel should not be missed.

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Some ideas for amazing places to do for those troublesome teens and young family members when they get bored! Go to the map for suitable areas!.

  • Tour Japan’s most spectacular cherry blossom displays
  • Pedal wagon around the city while drinking beers.
  • Catch up on all the hyped movies you missed
  • Bake cookies, brownies, and cake for the fun of it.
  • Forge new bonds with your neighbours
Holiday Cottages Bodmin

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Holiday properties in Bodmin with hot tubs are popular with families and couples looking for something extra. UK weather can be unpredictable so a warm hot tub is a great idea. Many cottages are very scenic so you can enjoy the spectacular views. Cottages with Hot Tubs mean you can take your holiday at the start or end of the season so getting a bargain. Cornwall has much to do and see but the hot tub will be there when the weather is not!

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