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Ayurveda Practioner Dr. H. Saleem Javid

Dr. H. Saleem Javed B.A.M.S.

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Our holiday pictures and review from our time at the Niramaya Ayurveda Centre are on this page. Follow this link for information about the Niramaya Ayurveda Health Resort

Niramaya Ayurveda Centre, Bogmalo Beach, Goa

This is where the Ayurveda treatments and massages took place.  We did have some massages at the hotel, a short walk await but found the centre more relaxing and had a more traditional feel to it.  Read the Niramaya sign for treatments.  For the real Indian Ayurveda experience, this centre in Goa is about as good as it gets.

A full medical history is taken by a qualified doctor and massages and treatments are then tailored to individual needs.  A diet sheet is prepared using traditional Ayurvedic methods.  Seemingly small things like whether to give head massages with conditions like asthma are all taken into consideration and an individual treatment plan drawn up.

Dave discusses his progress and ongoing treatment with Dr. Javed while waiting for his next treatment.

Ayurveda Therapist

This is Radhamani, female Ayurveda therapist.  In Goa you should expect a same-sex therapist as it is illegal for men to massage women and vice versa.  An Ayurveda massage/treatment is extremely thorough.  I like a firm massage and believe men are generally better for this.  However this time I found Radhamani beat all the men without a shadow of a doubt while being tremendously reassuring during medical treatments, much as you would expect a nurse to be.  I had Nasyam treatments which helped enormously with a dreadful cough I have partly from asthma but also from sinus post nasal drip.


Ayurveda Therapist

And here is Sobin Thomas, my husbands Ayurvedic Therapist.  Dave was very impressed with the treatment he received as he suffer badly with arthritis.  Special attention was paid to this and Dave would very much recommend this to anyone in pain with arthritis.  We will both be going back shortly for more treatment.



Cabins/Cottages at Bogmallo Beach Niramaya Centre for Ayurveda

Cottages at the Niramaya

Fully equipped with bathroom and air-conditioning.


Path to Bogmalo Beach, literally seconds to the sea.


Niramaya Restaurant



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