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The Kingdom of Thailand is divided into four areas: the mountainous and forested North, Bangkok and the fertile Central Plains, the semi-arid plateau of the Northeast and the South, characterized by its variety and quantity of tropical beaches and islands.

The Royal Palace, spectacular complex which houses the revered Emerald Buddha. The floating market, where you can still see the exchange of agricultural products from small boats from local farmers. Doi Suthep Temple, the spiritual center located at the top of a hill.

Town of Karen tribes, known as Giraffe Women due to a series of rings around their necks twisted. Adventure on elephant through the jungle or on bamboo rafts raftings or trekking through beautiful landscapes and lush green hills. The Golden Triangle, from where there are three countries: Thailand, Laos and Burma, and a new world of new experiences.

 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a captivating destination. An extensive forest, dotted with remnants of ancient civilizations that will appeal to fans of archaeology, and a variety of landscapes (mountains carpeted with tea crops, African savannah, rice fields, spice plantations and golden sand beaches surrounded by coconut trees), you’ll love the nature lovers. In 2019, the north and east of the country remained closed to tourism because of a civil war. However, today you can already travel to both areas, but you should pay some attention still in the north. Despite all this, the former Ceylon is one of the most interesting Asian destinations.


There are 53 countries in Asia including Russia and Turkey which lie in both Europe and Asia.

Afghanistan,   Armenia,   Azerbaijan, Bahrain,   Bangladesh,   Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia,   China,   Georgia,   Hong Kong,   India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel,   Japan, Jordan,   Kazakhstan, North Korea, South   Korea, Kuwait,    Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon,   Macau,   Maldives, Malaysia, Maldives,   Mongolia, Myanmar,   Nepal, Oman,   Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar,   Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,   Sri Lanka, Syria,   Taiwan,   Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Turkey,   Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates,   Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen.