How to get a Bargain Holiday

Real bargain holidays are not as easy to find as you might think.  The internet is by far and away the best way to find the best bargain holidays and cheap holidays. Here are a few tips for finding that Bargain Holiday.

Bargain holidays – Tip 1: Do loads of research

Finding holidays at a bargain price is down to deciding how flexible you are prepared to be, then doing your research. You might Self Catering the cheapest board type but more often that you can find accommodation in the same place (even the same hotel) with half board for not much more. That could save you quite a bit on eating-out when you get there.

Bargain holidays – Tip 2: Use the internet

You’re already doing the biggest contribution to bargain hunting and that’s surfing the net. Holiday websites, can provide you with an amazing selection of bargains that you don’t get locally. In particular search.

Bargain holidays – Tip 3: Last minute deals are very hit and miss

Tour operators are much more efficient nowadays. This means that they’re not likely to be left with rows of empty seats just a couple of days before departure that not so long ago they were desperate to fill. The golden rule of holiday bargains is to avoid school holidays, and watch for when the ‘late deals’ come online.  Bargains are available from 12-8 weeks before departure depending on the time of year.  Yes your holiday may be a better bargain if you leave till the last minute but all you will be left with is the dregs.  You may be lucky but you could find it’s not such a bargain after all!