The Beauty of Bali

People who have heard of Bali always associate it with honeymooners, couples and romance. and they are right, because it is a popular destination when you go to Asia to rest after exhaustion involved in organizing and survive your own wedding.

Bali is still more full color since the streets are decorated with garlands of all kinds of colors and more than 10,000 family temples open to the public. It’s a great opportunity to make contact with the locals and see the devotion that are taking all kinds of offerings to their temples. Women generally carry baskets on their heads filled with special dishes for their gods depositing with a mime exquisite. Men lead processions in white and yellow with umbrellas and Balinese dragon called Barong.

Do not miss this event because walking the streets of the island watching this show is priceless. Apart from these temples that normally can not be visited, Bali has others that are open to tourism in various parts of the island. Although the guidelines recommend the Uluwatu temple, we took a big disappointment because after paying a good entry we found that no one could enter the temple as erasi not there and could only get around from which but saw the sea full of garbage and baboons we are characterized as very peaceful.

The quintessential temple that should not be missed is that of Tanah Lot, on the west coast. It is a sanctuary that is isolated when the tide as if on a cliff. The experience of watching the sunset from there is none. In our case we were lucky to have ceremonies with Balinese music and dance, and while we heard drums sound the sun was drowning in the sea. The northern part of the island is also worthwhile because there are rice fields and mountains, with beautiful neon green landscapes.

The beaches are one of the claims of Bali. People with tighter budget staying in Kuta Beach, a place that brings back bad memories for the bomb that exploded in 2002 in one of his clubs and he killed many tourists, but today offers enough security and looks like Benidorm Bali. It is a place full of restaurants and pubs with many British and Italian tourists.

Other nearby beaches or Nusa Dua Semyniak further south are more appropriate for anyone looking for relaxation. In that same beach Semyniak can find some other fantastic as Lucciola restaurant. It’s a bit eyed peas, but the food is very good and is nicely decorated. The fashionable place to eat or have drinks Ku De Ta is the beachfront and lounge music always.  Jimbaran Beach, offered km of sand and the possibility of lunch or dinner delicious seafood at the seaside. It’s what they called the Fish Market, ie a number of restaurants in the sand with fresh fish campfires complete with music. Indonesians are very savvy and sing until Besame Mucho.

Although people go to that beach to dinner, eat alone at noon with the view of the fishing boats and the sea is also worthwhile. So Bali, besides being an island of wonderful beaches, the shopping paradise and lobster, is also a gathering place, especially religious and very hospitable people, and that’s one of the things I value most when I decide to take a trip.