Timeshare Scams

Sandos Timeshare Scam  Is it or isn’t it?  Follow the link!

I have titled this page Timeshare Scams as I think that’s what most of you will look for on the net.  Even though there is a tendency for all the old timeshare con artists to now call what they are selling ‘Holiday Clubs’ and other names we all still see it as just another version of the same old timeshare scam.

Whilst there are one or two timeshare companies that do provide value for money to some sectors of the holiday market these are few and far between.

Watch out for the ‘Holiday Club’ that proudly tells you it owns no property so therefore it can’t go bust.  If it owns nothing then what are you paying your money for? Answer: To line the pockets of those marketing the ‘Holiday Club’.

You can source your own flights and holidays just as cheaply without paying large sums of money to join a club.  Lifetime memberships mean nothing.  Ask how long they have been in business and remember if they own nothing they can walk away any time and there is NOTHING protecting your investment.  After all what have you invested in?  Nothing but an office and staff that will go through the motions of finding you a holiday that you can find for yourself.

This is the correspondence a year or so after visiting for a Sunterra presentation where they were extremely pushy refused to let us have the contract checked by our solicitor and very offhand when we refused to sign on the day.

Sunterra / The Travel Emporium

After getting the phone call telling me I had won a free membership I subsequently got the letters below from the Travel Emporium.  The text from these is below the images.

I won’t repeat what you can find for yourself.  Click Travel Emporium for more information.

Travel Emporium

The Travel Emporium – Timesharetalk   The Travel Emporium – Holiday Watchdog



SPAIN « 29740 PHONE: 0871 874 0227

0034 952 543 128 FAX: 0034 952 965 409 Wednesday July 25 2019

Dear Mr & Mrs We are writing to confirm our recent telephone conversation advising you that you have been awarded a full membership to The Travel Emporium. Should you wish to accept the offer for no charge other than an one off administration fee and the yearly activation fee the membership guarantees you and your family up to a minimum of 4 weeks holiday each year in luxury accommodation similar to that which was shown to you at your recent holiday presentation. The Travel Emporium not only specialises in holidays but is also aiming to become one of Europe’s largest buying groups and a PLC which will benefit all our members. Membership Cards Holiday Brochure Discount Vouchers etc. will be dispatched within 28 days of the return of your signed paperwork. If you wish to book a holiday prior to this you may call reservations on 0034 952 543 128 and speak to one of our staff. One of our operators will call you shortly so please prepare any questions you may have about the club and the membership when we will be more than happy to answer them for you. Kind Regards Lindsey Allen-Fenton

Travel Operations Manager The Travel Emporium is part of the Euro-Marketing Group C.I.F. B92744994

Membership Agreement

This agreement is by and between The Travel Emporium SL of the first part whose registered address:

Calle Panaderos 18 29005 Malaga Spain

And the member of the second part as follows:


Travel Emporium Membership Identity Number TTEOOOOO

Administration Fee   520.00 € Annual Membership Activation Fee   80.00€ IVA   96.00€ Paid  00.00€ Balance Due   696.00€

Terms Of Membership To The Travel Emporium

1. The Travel Emporium is exclusively responsible for the redemption of this product and undertakes to supply quality goods travel and vacations. 2. You have unlimited usage of The Travel Emporium Services. 3. I/We understand that the annual membership fee of 80€ is taken every July. (Should you not wish to activate your membership for the following year please advise us before the 30th June.) 4. I/We understand and acknowledge that your membership to The Travel Emporium does not include affiliation to any external exchange organisation. 5. Every effort will be made to obtain your selected vacation/travel/goods. We do reserve the right to offer alternatives subject to the member’s approval 6. All additional bonus offers are bound by the respective promoters terms and conditions. 7. The weekly charge for accommodation is from £ 99. As the cost of accommodation can fluctuate depending on the resort and demand; this will be made known to you prior to confirmation of your reservation. 8. A full membership package including membership cards and brochures will be despatched within 28 days of receipt of your signed paperwork. 9. Any cancellation should arrive at the above address in writing or by any other durable medium no later than 7 working days from the date below

I/We have read and fully understand the membership terms to The Travel Emporium as stated above. On behalf of The Travel Emporium Signed: Date: The Travel Emporium is part of the EuroMarketing Group C.I.F: B92744994

Dear Member We are pleased to welcome you as a member to The Travel Emporium and look forward to booking many holidays for you in the future. This is to confirm that your Travel Emporium Membership will include the following. 4 weeks accommodation guaranteed per year in high season. Outside this season you have unlimited use. Quality discounted accommodation worldwide you will also be able to book RCI and II resorts through our reservations department. No exchange or maintenance fees applicable No extra charge for guests (no Guest Certificate needed) Best possible Flight Prices Discounted Cruises Hotel Discounts Golf Discounts and Packages. Car Hire Discounts Wedding Package Discounts • Over £5000 of vouchers for all the family to enjoy Including: • Free Rounds of Golf • Free Beauty Treatment days • Free Hotel Accommodation • Free family days out • Over £900 in holiday VOUCherS (not to be used on one booking) • Free BSM Driving Lesson • Free Week Gym Pass • and much more Travel Brochures allowing you to book Luxury accommodation flights and car hire with massive savings. Access to our exclusive members only website Free House Hunting Service Act like a celebrity let someone find your dream home

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