The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago Art Institute

The Art Institute of Chicago is hands down sure to be a highlight of the trip for any person to the bustling city of blues and thick pizza. The Art Institute of Chicago has a reputation as one of the destinations in the United States premiere of art, a reputation with travelers that art enthusiasts simply must agree. The famous museum is full of art from 5,000 years ago. Besides finery inside, the building exhibits a distinctive touch of Chicago by the elegance and architectural beauty, becoming a work of art in itself.

Although it began as a combination of school-museum, currently the 1893 building is only as a place to display beautiful pieces, attractive and great art. The Art Institute of Chicago is home to such famous works as Vincent Van Gogh “The Room” by Grant Wood “American Gothic” and Pablo Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist”, to name a few.

The first floor of the museum also contains extensive ancient artifacts like a mummy head cover, a large sitting Buddha statue, and a Chinese food container tripod. It also shows the sculpture court, which has several impressive structures above the photo gallery. Always changing and expanding, the Art Institute of Chicago also has a new modern wing. The wing provides enough configuration change of the ancient art, with over eight hundred innovative artworks today. The Art Institute of Chicago also has several distinctive exhibitions, such as the miniature Thorne rooms (a maze recreations tiny house with Georgia, French, American Classic, or basically any architectural style) on the ground floor.

There is also a children’s area where children and adults can have fun tracking medieval brass rubbings, and a special exhibition space in flux in Regenstein Hall. Other features include an abbey Art Institute calm where guests can enjoy food from one of the places to eat at home, and the gift shop. The store is an impressive feat full of reprints of various artworks, like Georgia O’Keefe “Yello Hickory Leaves with Daisy” cup of coffee, or an umbrella with George Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. – 1884” With all this, the Art Institute of Chicago, just has to be a place in the list of all travelers Chicago hub. The entrance fee is minimal at around $ 12, and the treasures within yourself that involve everyone.