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This page is for everyone who is looking for Butlins Website.  I hope you arrive here this Butlins website page first where you will read things I feel you ought to know about Butlins before you go onto the real Butlins website.

Did you book online at the website?

We did and now we wish we hadn’t bothered.  Butlins website is a long way from being user friendly.  I booked a room thing we had the facilities shown on the page from which I booked only to find having booked that that was a standard room whereas the picture on the website showed the better quality silver apartment.

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Also I had trouble finding adequate information about what entertainment there was and when.  As a website aimed at children more care should be taken over showing what is available.

't show you

This is the sort of thing they don’t show you.  Not a pretty site is it?  But then most of the staff couldn’t care less so what do you expect.

You can find Butlins website at https://www.butlins.com/

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