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Is it 5*?  Absolutely not.  Service can be really bad and how would you feel about being locked out of your room 3 times in one day?   !!!!!!

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Worldwide Holiday Travel visited the Sol y Mar Mirabel Beach Resort  18th September 2019 to 25th September.  Our review is detailed here. 

If you are the manager or owner of the Mirabel Beach Resort or are employed by the Sol y Mar group of Hotels we would be happy to include any reply in it’s entirety.  We will do our best to be fair to all parties with our reviews taking into account when resorts are new may have temporary teething problems etc.

Please read our review summary where you will find links to give further details of why we have made a particular statement.

Photographs from our visit to the Sol y Mar Mirabel Beach

Surroundings:  Excellent very peaceful

Location: On the Beach.  As with most Sharm el Sheikh Hotels distant from the resort which is easily accessible by taxi or shuttle (courtesy of the hotel).

Food:  Good on the whole.  5* in places but a tendency to cheapskate at times with things like too many chicken wings meat balls sausages.  Little tricks like a glass full of lettuce with a big prawn as garnish simply emphasises attempts to economise. Does seem to cater more for continental tastes than British.  At times I would have given anything for cheese and biscuits or a decent fruit salad with cream or even ice cream for desert. Way too much gooey sugary stuff cheaply made.  Had a great Beef Wellington and Salmon en Croute though. More about snacks.

Service:  Not 5* at all.  In the restaurant drinks service was good although we found some waiters over familiar.  Drinks service in the bars varied from good to diabolically awful as was service at the snack bars and reception on arrival and after.  Little things irritate like having to carry the next days towels back to the room each day as they had no towel cards to hand back after 4pm.

Room:  As with most of this resort a mixture of very good and  very poor for a 5*.  The rooms were fairly clean although other areas eg dusty ledges at breakfast slipped through the net.  Silly things like no handles on the patio windows so you end up locking yourself out on the balcony.

Worldwide Travel Rep:  Waste of time attending the welcome meeting.  When will they wake up to the fact that we want information not a sales talk about over-priced trips.

All Inclusive:  Not all it should be.  See prices and service.

Here is a rundown of some of the points that we feel the management of the Sol y Mar Mirabel Beach Resort should address.

In depth Review

Is it 5*?  Well this is a big question and perhaps the onus is on Worldwide Travel or whoever to make sure they fully address the difference between ‘well it is Egypt’ 5* and what the public universally expect from a 5* hotel.  The advent of all-inclusive seems to be changing things in this regard too.

I think this hotel needs to decide whether it is aiming for a genuine classy 5* reputation or whether it simply wants to attract people that are happy with good food surroundings and plenty of free drink.  There are signs that it may be the latter as this Egyptian resort once complete will be huge and little things like rows and rows of beds and shades on the beach suggest a pack them in like sardines attitude carefully disguised.

On the coach journey in from Sharm El Sheikh Airport the rep jokingly asked us if we knew the difference between the 3* hotels on the left and the 5* hotels like the Sol y Mar Mirabel Beach on the right.  The answer?  The resorts on the right were on the beach.

Let me say now and I think I speak for most of us beach front and pleasant surrounding DON’T MAKE 5*!!!!!!  It takes a lot more than that.

First impressions were good but oh boy did it go downhill quickly.  We were told to find the porter and make sure our cases were labelled properly then some-one would tell us how to find our room.  11pm at night we’ve asked several time for a welcome pack as we were told on the coach.  Reception told us some-one else would give us this.  There appeared to be about 20 of us arriving at this time so not exactly overload.  Eventually we made our way to our room ourselves (Sol y Mar management take note please – the lighting is very poor at night – pathways stairways and to the rooms.

We eventually found our room and like most of the Mirabel Beach Resort it was a mixture of very good and not so good.  The view from the balcony was stunning overlooking the pools and in the distance the sea.  The bathroom was gorgeous with a walk-in shower to die for.  We had booked a deluxe family room for 3 adults.  I had emailed the Mirabel Beach to ask exactly what that was but they couldn’t be bothered to reply.  We were pleasantly surprised to see plenty of space with dividing doors for privacy. 

Those were the goods points.  Now for the bad.  A TINY amount of hanging space.  7 coat hangers for 3 grown women or a family of 4???  Come on Sol y Mar – you have to be joking.  No point asking for extra hangers – no room anyway!  The bedside tables have no drawers and the lights have great dimmers but flicker on and offer with the poor electrical connections.

The beds turned out to be very creaky and the additional 2 beds were just mattresses on a concrete base.  My niece aged 18   suffered backache from day one and my sister and I eventually took turns to sleep on the concrete so she got a break.

On arrival the rooms was made up for 2 not 3.  2 lots of towels 2 glasses etc..  We rang reception who were very apologetic. 

We went down for a drink.  11.55pm.  Looking at the cocktails we were told very abruptly to hurry up and decide as we had only one minute then all-inclusive stopped and we would have to pay.  We ordered and while he was making them 4 minutes before midnight he refused to serve the person behind us unless he paid.

Excuse me while I digress a little since we are on the subject of all-inclusive.  We got sick of the trolley of liqueur coffees coming round for which you had to pay.  Many people accepted it when offered before they realised.  Another little gem was the fact that we arrived too late for anything other than one very quick drink on the Monday but when we ordered coffees at 5pm on the Monday we left we were told we had to pay for them.  We refused!

Back to the cocktails.  Disgusting.  If you go to the Mirabel Beach please make a point of letting them know that it is not acceptable to make all the cocktails with watered down cordial.  I accept the fact that the alcohol is local but that’s no excuse for making everything as cheap and nasty as possible.  Remember Sol y Mar – this is SUPPOSED to be 5*.

Day 2.  Down to reception to complain again that we only have 2 lots of towels etc. we have a light out and can’t see well enough to use the safe or wardrobe.  I’ll say no more on these subjects other than it took 3 attempts and 2 days to get the room made up for 3 and took even more time and effort to get the light fixed.  We were interrupted 4 times by maintenance coming to fix the air conditioning which wasn’t broken with promises of ‘back in 5 minutes’ to fix the light.  It got done finally on day 3.  We also got interrupted 3 times while they checked the mini-bar which was never stocked up in the first place but the English wasn’t good enough to communicate so we ended up getting dressed to let them in – it was quicker.

Back to reception.  Still asking for information about the welcome meeting.  They have no idea and tell us to come back at 10am when the rep will arrive.  The meeting was set for 10.45 so we wasted almost an hour before wasting more time in the meeting itself.

At breakfast earlier a couple on their second week told us of quite a few people being ill with food poisoning.  Let me say straight away that I didn’t have any real worries about this after seeing the standard of food served but I did see the chefs handling things like bread and pre-cooked pancakes with their fingers and the waiters using gloves to squeeze oranges in front of people but taking them off when they thought no-one was looking.

Having had food poisoning in Morocco earlier this year my pet hate is seeing poor hygiene standards.  It only takes one person not washing their hands after using the toilet and then handling food to cause problems.  I raised this at the welcome meeting and insisted on being heard even though the rep tried to shut me up.  I did elicit a promise to talk to the Mirabel’s Food and Beverages manager. (Note:  It didn’t do much good.  I still saw them doing it later in the week.  If they do it where it can be seen what does it say about standards in the kitchen?).  Oh and take note Worldwide Travel you can’t blame EVERY illness on sun and booze.  When people let themselves be given intravenous injections in the middle of the night by a strange doctor in a strange country the chances are they are really ill!

A few people had heard that I was doing a review and made a point of voicing their dissatisfaction with the Mirabel frequently centred around the lack of service for 5* and poor quality snacks.

I will say that I think any hygiene problems will soon be dealt with by the Sol y Mar.  I would put a lot of the problems down to thee fact that the Mirabel Beach is fairly new and staff aren’t yet properly trained.  However people wrongly blame mild tummy upsets on ‘food poisoning’ all too often and common sense should tell the management not to give them any cause by poor hygiene standards. The waiter we had for most of our meals was a nice chap see picture but he like others was overly familiar often tormenting my niece by removing her food and constantly trying to joke with her and make conversation with my sister and I.  At age 13 or younger  it may have been funny but at 18 it starts to make you think twice about going to meals towards the end of the week.  You’d think getting no response other than a stony face would stop them but it doesn’t.

Talking about information given out at the reps meeting do tell people not to pick up coral from the beach PLEASE.  Being told on the way home at the airport and watching at least 12 people frantically unpacking their bags to remove it and avoid a £500 fine is no laughing matter.

We asked for a resort map at the meeting and were told to ask at reception.  Back to the Mirabel Beach Reception.  Can we have a map please?  No they haven’t got one only a scribbled one for staff.  We point out that we would like to go to the gym but there are no signs anywhere.  We are told to go and look for a member of the animation staff and ask them.  What???  Excuse me – isn’t this supposed to be a 5* resort?

Can’t find any animation staff but waiters and security guards between them manage to find enough English to direct us to the gym which incidentally is not sign posted in any way.  Great gym and friendly well informed un-intrusive help there.  Full marks apart from silly opening hours of 9am till 1pm 3pm till 6pm.  I like to go before breakfast but no chance here.

Snack Bars.  Food’s lousy and service poor.  4.45pm my niece asked for snack for the 3 of us.  She was told they only had chicken burgers left.  I felt they had just tried it on as she was young so I called a waiter over and asked exactly what they had and hadn’t got on the menu.  True there was stuff they hadn’t got any more but mainly they were just trying to avoid serving.  I couldn’t get a Caesar salad (had one later in the week – lettuce dressing and croutons) but we managed to get a hot dog (foul) a chicken-burger (spot the chicken) and some fries.  Later in the week we also tried a pizza (very dry) and more fries which had been cooked at least twice.  Over all pretty disgusting food and service.  See the tacky menu.  Doesn’t look 5* does it.  It looks like something I’d expect a tacky roadside cafe to produce and the food matches that image.  Once we saw the waiter top a diet coke up will ordinary coke when the dispenser ran out then realising it wasn’t full add water.

It’s a pity I didn’t get a picture of me having a tantrum at the bar one evening.  Unfortunately I was too busy voicing my displeasure loud enough to produce a result.  Watching the fairly tacky entertainment I had asked for a coffee and brandy plus a wine and beer for the others.  The wine and beer arrived but not the coffee and brandy.  10 minutes later I asked again and again a further 10 minutes later re-ordering for the others.  Once again I didn’t get the coffee and brandy.  By now I had had enough.  We had already been told that tonight we couldn’t order at the bar – it would be waiter service.  I went to the bar and said I wasn’t leaving till I got a coffee and Brandy.  I was asked who had taken the order and told to sit down and they would bring it.  Within 2 minutes it arrived followed 2 minutes later by another.  In both cases no milk which I politely asked for.  Now at this stage I will own up and say I should have known better.  Having heard tales from other holidays makers about rude waiters moaning that they should have asked for milk if they wanted it in tea or coffee and being reluctant to fetch it I admit it would have been prudent to ask for milk when I ordered.  However if you remember the Mirabel Beach Resort  is supposed to be a 5* hotel.  So now I have exactly the same sort of performance trying to get some milk.  When both coffees are finally too cold to drink I end up throwing a wobbly back at the bar. ‘Please Please Please can some-one get me a little milk before I come back there and get it myself’.

Click a picture to see the bar and prices of what you don’t get all-inclusive or may have to pay after midnight or on the day you leave..


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We visited the Italian Restaurant one night where the service was good the menu very basic but overall a pleasant night.

The final indignity for us was the last day.  The day before we asked about keeping the room till 6pm.  We were told it was free until 2pm but 90 euros from 2pm until 6pm.  We decided to keep it until 2pm as we felt 90 euros was ridiculous as we lost the first day of our holiday by arriving at 11pm.  Having to pay 90 euros in order to have a full 7 days holiday  seemed steep.  The receptionist told us to come back at midday to get the cards recharged for the two free hours.  Very silly we thought but made a note to do so.

After sunbathing we reluctantly returned to our room at 11.30 so we could go to reception and get the cards recharged before lunch.  We were locked out.  We had to traipse wet and uncomfortable to reception a fair walk and get the cards recharged.  They didn’t seem to care that they had cancelled them early.  After lunch my niece who by now was thoroughly fed up of being tormented by the waiters left us having a final glass of wine while she went to take a shower.  It was a little after one.  My sister and I returned at 1.30 to find her sitting in the heat outside the room waiting for us to deal with reception as once again we were locked out.  My sister had strong words with reception and we were given the room until 5pm by way of apology.  The cards were recharged and after a short rest we went out shopping for a couple of hours thinking we’d shower when we returned.  Guess what once again we were locked out – 3 times in one day!!!.

Finally a note about the tannoy system which threatens to completely ruin the one really good thing about the Mirabel Beach which is it’s spacious relaxing atmosphere.  Sol y Mar – PLEASE don’t let it turn the resort into a tacky version of a holiday camp.  Get your animation staff trained properly.  At one point I was trying to have a relaxing read by the pool with loud rap songs coming through one speaker to my left and equally loud Caribbean music to my right.  I complained to three different people as did other people   but nothing was done.  Most people just gave up and went indoors or to the beach.

Comment from Nicola from Chesterfield:

No way is this a 5 star resort.  Friends had paid £2 000 for their holiday for the two for a fortnight and were very disappointed as well. Little things like bad tempered waiters being rude because milk in tea wasn’t asked for and they had to go back for it and also being told at 2 minutes to 11am to go away and come back in 5 minutes when they are open.

There were many other comments in this vein but I think I have probably said more than enough to give you a good feel for what this holiday was like.  There were few children at this time but again no-one seemed happy with the facilities for the children.

Would I go back to the Sol y Mar Mirabel Beach Resort?

Strangely enough yes I probably would.  I’d like to think that much of what I’ve mentioned is because of the newness of the resort and staff and that Sol y Mar will get it sorted out.  I didn’t pay 5* prices for the holiday as it was booked within a week of flying so I will take that into account too.

Next week I am off to the Coral Sea Resort which is also in Sharm El Sheikh but I may visit the Mirabel Beach again as I love Egypt so watch this space!

LocationThe resort is approximately 11km. distance from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. Sol Y Mar Mirabel Beach Resort   Their websiteIberotel Head Office44 Mohamed Mazhar St. Zamalek Cairo – EgyptTel.: + 20 – 2 – 737 8737Fax: + 20 – 2 – 736 5305

Sol Y Mar Mirabel Holiday - Review

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Review about Sol Y Mar Mirabel Beach   August 2019

Just back on Thursday 31st August Although reports are true that this hotel is not fully finished the only things not available still from brochure advertisement were 2 speciality restaurants and the disco. There is 2 buffet and one a la carte Italian open which is also free to all AI guests 1 Buffet only open at breakfast time as it was fairly quiet when we were there .

Some service of staff fairly slow but they are improving plus you have to realise these guys are doing 14 hour shifts for a month solid in that heat 36-40 degrees every day there are 3 lovely pools(2 have water polo goals in them) 3 beach bars and 3 pool bars one serving snacks all day (free AI) Own make cocktails and spirits and beer all included pool and beach bars close at 1800 hrs two bars in main building open all night 1 sells shisha pipes at 25 le 600 parasols on beach but hardly anyone used but we felt the breeze was easier on the skin in the blistering heat than at pool there is a football pitch and two volley ball courts on beach. beware of sleazy beach boys and tattoo guy is very much a predator to all girls when on there own and gets personal when you refuse tattoo seen a whole Italian family set on him one day which was quite amusing he may actually have been sacked by now which won’t be a bad thing. snorkelling is very poor at beach as still no jetty but you can use the royal albatross hotels jetty to the left of you and there is a bit 2 hotels along right in front of yellow sunbeds small but loads of over friendly fish to get good close up photos.

Overall we had a great holiday Food was good and very fresh we did go to naama bay 3 times in 14 days just to break it up a bit 25kms away cost £18 return by limo(well Daewoo really) Tarak at desk at front door will look after you to book this. shuttle bus was booked up for the whole of our holiday but they charged 5 euros too. and this only run 3 times a week. rooms are large enough to sleep 4 large walk in shower with good pressure shower for you girls and your hair! (not many coat hangers though) small tipping will get you towel designs everyday from room guy and we tipped our waiter £10 at start of holiday then sat in his area all holiday this ensured you got plenty of wine and beer at meal times as you could wait all night on a drink being offered. had a bit of tummy upsets but I put it down to change of diet (oil used in cooking) and hot sun that us brits not used too certainly wouldn’t point the finger at this hotel the night entertainment is a female singer which becomes boring but as we got up early every morning we were in bed for midnight every night went to hard rock cafe and Mexican in naama bay for dinner Mexican lovely and good price as was hard rock where the waiters give you a laugh at their singing and dancing. don’t worry about going to this hotel I did cause of what I’d read on these forums but there must have been a vast improvement or some people don’t realise that they are living in Egypt not Britain so have to adjust to their ways slightly

You will enjoy this if you want a holiday with loads of sun relaxation and food and drink by the bucket load there is an amphitheatre but only noticed kids discos being held in it and there is a lovely spa with steam room whirlpool baths gym and massage areas two tennis courts also. Nabq Bay is going to be the new naama bay in a year or so I reckon hotels being built all around you so don’t be put off by the views heading to Mirabel as this is a lovely hotel with spotless decor. you wont need beach towels either as you get towel cards for through the day and room towels changed everyday. We never done any trips as we had been last year and stayed in Naama Bay I would consider returning to this hotel next year but I feel the price will have rose by then. The kids club is very German orientated and the German Worldwide Travel reps quite ignorant they lie about like holiday makers most of the day and as if the rule the place.

Have Fun