Hotel Map of Naama Bay

Hotel Map of Naama Bay Sharm

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The beaches of Egypt are amazing, although one identifies this country only with pyramids and pharaohs. For example,  the beaches of Naama. Naama Bay is a lovely being on the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh. It is the Egyptian destination closer to Europe, a place to enjoy the warm sea, beaches, sun and coral round. Sharm El Sheik is 300 km from Suez, on the Gulf of Aqaba. Its center is the Naama Bay and this occurs all the action. There are many diving and snorkeling centers, hotels and other tourist sites. You can sunbathe, hire boat trips in glass bottom boats or kayaks. Some people windsurfing, swimming or walking in those sympathetic shaped banana boats.
At night everything happens in the historic center of Naama, the old part of town with its shops and restaurants.

Sharm el-Sheikh is a city located in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, on the Red Sea coast. His name has variations as Sharm el-Sheikh el-Sheikh.Sharm began as a small fishing village, then became an Egyptian naval base, and today lives of tourism. If we were to compare Sharm el-Sheikh with something closer, it would something similar to Ibiza. It is a place that is born by and for tourism, where people who work there are europeos.Las most major activities taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh and determine the rest of tourism are diving and snorkeling. Most hotels have their own diving club.

The main area of ​​the city is Naama Bay, there’s nightlife is spectacular. Restaurants, terraces, entertainment and even a Pacha nightclub for clubbers (I must say that the club is huge and really nice) . We enjoyed our time in Sharm el-Sheikh and Naama Bay, but you know what is going and think of it as a set of activities in the desert, where the main thing is diving.