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The south west of England incorporates some of the most breathtaking and diverse scenery, which stretches from the rolling Mendips hills in the east to the rugged Cornish peninsula in the south. In between are areas of remote moorland covered during the spring and summer with flowering heather. The climate is milder that the rest of the UK, due to its southerly location, and also because this narrow triangle of land is surrounded by the warm gulf stream.

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Some thoughts for exciting stuff to do for those troublesome teens and young family members when they get bored! Check the map for suitable areas!.

  • Go off the grid for one day without any electronics.
  • Take a virtual tour of the MusĂ©e d’Orsay
  • Calm the f*** down with a meditation app
  • Order off Chipotle’s secret menu.
  • Take up painting with help from the masters
Holiday Cottages Robertsbridge

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Holiday properties in Robertsbridge with hot tubs are popular with families and couples looking for something extra. UK weather can be unpredictable so a warm hot tub is a great idea. Many cottages are very scenic so you can enjoy the spectacular views. Cottages with Hot Tubs mean you can take your holiday at the start or end of the season so getting a bargain. South Coast has much to do and see but the hot tub will be there when the weather is not!

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