Butlins Bob the Builder

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Bob the Builder and Butlins Red Coats

Bob the Builder’s at Butlins!  Bob’s Yard  at Butlins, where Bob and his team are starring in two mini Bob adventures daily! You can also meet Bob, Wendy, Pilchard and Spud, and take their picture! Bob and his team are making character appearances at Kids Clubs and showing everyone that the fun really is in getting it done!

One of the few free things to do at Butlins! (until you see the price of the Bob the Builder Party Pack!)

You might wonder why the Redcoat was so keen to get the photo of my grandson with Bob the Builder and frightened him to death by screaming and shouting to get his attention.  Well that’s because they charge £5 for the photograph.  What a surprise!  (See Butlins Cheap Deal for the truth about just how much you can really spend at Butlins.)

Bob the Builder at Butlins

If you thought, like me, great – “something we don’t have to pay extra for”, then find things like this at Butlins, email them and tell them what you think.

I think £30 is disgraceful.

Butlins – look at what is offered outside the UK and start giving value for money.  Builders in Tenerife Party Packs at £30 are not on, even if it is Bob the Builder! I appreciate you have trouble making a profit but you’re going the wrong way about trying to stay in business, Bob the Builder or not!

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