The Getty Center in Malibu

The Getty Center is located at 1200 Getty Center Drive the Avenue (Getty Center) of the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California (USA).


The Getty Center is located in Los Angeles (USA), is a kind of campus meets the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Foundation, Research Institute, Conservation Institute and the Getty Trust.

The Getty Center is a private foundation dedicated to the arts and humanities. It has an important collection of European and American art. Develop a large number of exhibitions, cultural and educational activities around their pieces.

The origin of the institution dates back to 1953 when J. Paul Getty set Malibu home of a small museum of Greek and Roman antiquities, French furniture s. XVIII and European painting. The next venue was inaugurated in 1974 to be a Roman-style villa. inspired by the historical villas of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The current site was built in 1997 on a hill in Los Angeles as a major cultural complex

Most surface goes to Getty Center art museum, divided into several pavilions, the first buildings are occupied by the art of painting and the other buildings are to exhibits that change over time.

The Getty Center is a kind of campus that meets the Museum J. Paul Getty, the Getty Foundation, a research institute, a Conservation Institute and the Getty Trust, plus an auditorium facilities and several gardens.

The center is named after the American businessman and philanthropist Jean Paul Getty, who provided substantial funds, their private art collection and a mansion in Pacific Palisades (Malibu, California) to a trust named J. Paul Getty Trust. Had collected art since the 1930s. In this mansion was opened in 1974, the Museum J. Paul Getty Museum now identified as J. Paul Getty Malibu and its official website more colloquially called Getty Villa. It features Greco-Roman art funds, in line with its architectural style inspired by ancient villas of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The construction of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, designed by Richard Meier and opened in 1997, marked the transfer of almost all art collections, save the pieces remaining Greek and Roman villa in Malibu.

Access to the Getty Center is free, the only fee is the public parking for visitors is $ 10 per car.