Sri Lanka Hotel Reviews

Sri Lanka Hotel Reviews

Sri Lanka Hotel Reviews

Palaces, fortresses, Buddha statues, rice paddies, and emerald green hills form the landscape of Sri Lanka. This destination offers all kinds of natural paradises and a long list of World Heritage monuments and reserves. Colombo, the capital, is the gateway to the country’s travel. It is one of the largest cities brimming with life and joy. Read the reviews – Avant-garde buildings and skyscrapers mixed with Buddhas welcome you to the capital of Sri Lanka.

Buddhism predominates in the country, so we can see different manifestations of this religion. Kandy is the sacred city that worships Buddhism with the famous Temple of the Tooth, inside you can find Buddha Gautama, central figure of Buddhism. In Sri Lanka we can find Buddhas in the most unsuspected places, The Dambulla Caves is one of them where we can see a Buddha figure hidden among the mountains. The Dambulla caves are completely painted following the shape of the rock, they contain more than 160 statues of Buddha, Hindu gods and Sinhalese kings.

You can’t miss: Colombo, Kandy, Matale, Dambulla, Habarana. There are plenty of reviews proving the rightful place at the top of anyone’s bucket list!

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